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At Entrepikit we design Entrepreneurial Thinking workshops to empower the young generations to build skills for their future and make an impact in the world.







"I discovered to be very good at understanding the potential of other people's ideas" 

"With this experience I had the opportunity to improve my leadership skills" 

"I learned that it's not easy to work with others and that we must be kind, open, and creative." 


Team at work during our Entrepreneurial Thinking workshop

With increasing changes in the economy and society, we are called to find new ways to generate innovation.Cultural, technological and environmental shifts will demand radical thinkers to come up with effective solutions for humanity. Which is why also the job market will witness important changes.


In less than 20 years analytical thinking, creativity and collaboration will become the most in demand skills across any field in the world. We believe that by experiencing the world through the eyes of an entrepreneurs individuals develop valuable skills such as project execution, team work, strategy, and more. 
Unfortunately, our children are rarely exposed to the opportunity to learn these skills and adapt to change with a life-long-learning mindset.
For this reason Entrepikit offers Entrepreneurial Thinking workshops to empower young generations to build skills for their future and make an impact in the world.


Our mission is to build an equipment for younger generations to turn challenges into opportunities, and embrace change with a proactive attitude. However Entrepikit's commitment goes beyond creating young business experts. Our mission is to open up spaces that allow error, trust and exploration, leading the way to successful, cooperative and inquisitive individuals who will be able to build a brighter future for all of us.





The goal of these workshops is to develop a viable business idea, identify personal strengths and learn how these aspects interact in the making of impactful solutions for the world.


  1. Fundamentals of Innovation Cycles

  2. Project Work

  3. Transferable Skills

You can choose between a 6, 12, or 18 hours workshop.

We host groups of 6 - 15 participants, all guided by 1 experienced facilitator.

Our students are usually between 16-25 years old.

We have customized workshops  for schools, groups of adolescents and young university students.

You can choose the most suitable workshop for your team, your class or group of friends from our catalog.


If you wish to organize a workshop but are not sure if you fit any of these groups, get in touch and we will be happy to discuss our offer with you.

Prices vary depending on the type of workshop you choose.

We have a range of different topics to select from our catalog, for example: design for business or social impact.


The flexibility of our allows for its use also in other contexts, such as: business strategy, startup development, etc.

Let us know your needs and we will be happy to organize a learning experience that you will not forget.



Our project based approach allows our students  to become skills-ready for the job market of the future.  

They deliver solutions for real life or business scenarios familiarizing with elements of the entrepreneurial journey, such as: research, self knowledge, leadership, uncertainty and risk.


We work with Design Thinking,
The Lean Startup and LEGO ® SERIOUS PLAY®

facilitation methodologies.

We accompany our students throughout fundamental stages of the creative processes such as: team work, problem exploration, prototyping.

Their experience is extensively supported with researched and in-house developed content.  


At Entrepikit we place research at the center of the entrepreneurial project, stimulating a creative, curious, resilient mindset.

We believe everyone can generate impact when in the right environment. 

Our role is to set-up that environment and help individuals unlock their creative potential.


Clelia Calabrò

Founder and Director

Clelia is a certified LEGO® SERIOUS PLAY® facilitator, with experience gained in tech companies on Market Research and Project Coordination. 

She obtained an MA in Culture Policy and Management (2017), an MA in European and International Studies (2013), and a BA in Foreign Languages (2010). 


After working with/in startups, Clelia familiarized with the Lean approach and decided to integrate it in her solo professional mission, which is: empowering the young generation to embrace change through play and innovation.

Daniela Victorino

Product Development Lead

Daniela is a User Researcher with experience working with multidisciplinary teams in-house and at agency side.

She obtained an MA in Innovation and Design Management (2016) and she has a background in Retail Design and Architecture. 

Living in different countries, exploring different cultures and varied professional experiences was what motivated her curiosity to work as a User Researcher. She found amazing how valuable the Research process can be to approach different challenges and to develop solutions that could have a positive impact on people's lives. 

Virginia Montesano

Market Research

Virginia is an MA student in Economics and Business Legislation at the University of Trento. 

She loves to travel, getting to know cultures and be inspired by the environment around her.


Virginia is among the founders of the non-profit association "OutFinLab", whose aim is to raise financial awareness with "outsiders" such as women, young people and all those who, in spite of social exclusion, are hungry for a successful life. According to Virginia, these people hold the true potential to boost the economy and social development if only provided with the right mentorship. 


Virginia is passionate about ways to empower people and is eager to collaborate with Entrepikit in order to learn true entrepreneurial thinking, by playing.

Gianmarco Riolo

Market Research

Gianmarco is a young student of the faculty of International Studies at the University of Trento. 
Grown up in one of the arbëreshë communities in the South of Italy, history and photography lover, Gianmarco is ready to start helping Entrepikit in developing the spirit of entrepreneurship among young generations.




Play is one of the hardest yet most rewarding activities in life.

It requires strategy, collaboration and self motivation, all important elements that we can find both in business and learning environments.

As we enter a time where radical thinking is required to create more innovation, we invite you to play with us to live a unique moment of extreme fun and build something incredible for the world around you.

Get in touch now to discuss the right workshop for you

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