Entrepikit's Manifesto: 
Play For Ideas.

Navigating complexity in today's world is not a simple act, and less will it be in the future.

The job market moves at great rapidity and it is often difficult to keep up with changes.


Through the Entrepikit project, we want to build an equipment for younger generations to comprehend such changes, enabling them to face challenges with intelligence and creativity. 


We also feel the urgency to open up spaces that allow error, trust and exploration, leading the way to successful, cooperative and inquisitive individuals.

Along such premises, we have identified three standpoints for Entrepikit to come to life:

  1. favoring playfulness, since the learning process is diversified and experience based;

  2. encouraging cooperation, for knowledge to develop through socialization;

  3. supporting the research process, because only by questioning the world can the creativity of each individual be expressed, free.

Three standpoints for a less fearful tomorrow.

This is why we believe in Entrepikit.

We hope you will too.

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